A main guideline : simplicity

Bazooka SHOPPING is a WordPress affiliate plugin whose primary goal is to facilitate the promotion of products from different market places on your site in a simple and fast way.

Currently, Bazooka Shopping allows you to highlight products from the following affiliate programs: Amazon, Kelkoo, Manomano, Ebay and CDiscount.

Set up affiliate programs in Bazooka in 10 seconds

Just fill in your Publisher ID / Tracking ID / Campaign ID and API keys if any, save and … that’s it, Bazooka takes care of everything else.

Two operating modes: automatic and shortcode

The automatic mode

The automatic mode, as its name indicates, will take the title of your pages and articles in order to search for the products that stand out on the different affiliate programs.

You can specify in the general settings of the plugin, the maximum number of products to display, the display before and / or after your content, the color of your display box as well as the Call 2 Action button but also the text of this button.

Simple, efficient, fast, no hassle.

The shortcode: for surgical actions

The shortcode mode will allow you to refine the search by entering precise terms, the number of products to display and their display style (horizontal or grid) for a specific area on your page.

Use the shortcode [bzkshopping] in the body of an article, a page or a widget to display products automatically according to the context.

The keyword attribute allows you to manually force the product query. Example : [bzkshopping keyword="drill"]will display drills.
The count attribute allows you to specify the number of products. Example: [bzkshopping count="3"] will display 3 products.
The templateattribute allows you to modify the design of the list. Example: [bzkshopping template="box"] will display products in box mode. The possible values are grid and box

These attributes are cumulative. Example: [bzkshopping template="box"] will display products in box mode:[bzkshopping keyword="vaccum cleaner" count="8" template="grid"] will display a grid of 8 vacuum cleaners.