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Which partners/marketplaces are available through Bazooka?

we are working on the promotion of products from the following marketplaces:


Of course, this list is anything but definitive, we make Bazooka evolve according to the requests of our users. So, if you would like to see a new market place let us know.

Connect AMAZON to Bazooka Shopping

First, you need to create an account on Amazon Partner. If you haven’t already done so here is the URL:

You will need 2 pieces of information:

  1. tracking ID (example : bazookatest-21)
  2. your API key and credentials

for the tracking ID : Get your Amazon Tracking ID
For Amazon API credentials : Get your Amazon API credentials

Once in your possession, simply enter them in the Bazooka settings in the AMAZON insert.

How to display products on its pages with Bazooka

Bazooka has 2 operation modes :

Full auto mode

In this mode, bazooka will take, for each page, the title of the page and search on the different market places the products that stand out for this search and display them to you.

RQ: a title that is too generic may not display anything or may display products that have nothing to do with your page.
You can however qualify for each page, a more precise search request so that the products that stand out are the most targeted to your content.

The Shortcode mode :

Use the shortcode [bzkshopping] in the body of an article, a page or a widget to display products automatically according to the context.

The keyword attribute allows you to manually force the product query. For example, the keyword attribute : [bzkshopping keyword=”drill”] will display drills.
The count attribute allows you to specify the number of products. Example: [bzkshopping keyword=”drill”] will display drills: [bzkshopping count=”3″] will display 3 products.
The template attribute allows you to modify the design of the list. Example: [bzkshopping count=”3″] will display 3 products: [bzkshopping template=”box”] will display products in full width box mode. The possible values are grid and box.

These attributes are cumulative. Example: [bzkshopping template=”box”] will display products in full width box mode: [bzkshopping keyword=”vacuum cleaner” count=”8″ template=”grid”] will display a grid of 8 vacuum cleaners.

Bazooka does not or badly displays products

Here, several scenarios are possible:

your affiliate account in the Market Place is recent (less than 72 hours)

Although the platforms quickly communicate your API keys or Identifiers (Campaign ID, Publisher ID, Tracking ID), it is possible that your account is not yet active on their side.

On the Kelkoo platform, there is a delay of 24 to 48 hours between the delivery of your Tracking ID and the activation of your account if you have a new account. At Amazon, it is very often instantaneous but sometimes there is a delay of 12 to 24 hours.

Your site has a caching system

You will need to purge your cache system after Bazooka deployment. Most caching systems will recognize the activation of a new plugin, but sometimes bazooka can go under the radar, so purge and re-test.

The Bazooka Shopping Affiliate Program

Bazooka Shopping allows you to earn money via the market places but not only….

By promoting the Bazooka Shopping plugin, you can also earn money.

How to become a Bazooka affiliate?

You are already a Bazooka customer? Login with your customer account in the affiliate area.

You are not yet a Bazooka customer? Don’t worry, registration is open to everyone via the affiliate space.

To do so, nothing could be simpler, just log in or register via the affiliate space here:

How much do I earn if I promote via my affiliate link?

A simple question, simple answer: 25% of the turnover you generate. And of course, one of your godchildren renews his Bazooka plugin, you retouch your commission ūüėÄ

The update of the Plugin does not work

Check that your license is well informed => it sometimes happens that a space is slipped at the end after copy and paste.

Procedure :

  1. Delete your license key from the site
  2. Save the settings (with the field “empty license key”)
  3. Put the license key back in the field “License key”.
  4. Register again
  5. Restart the update

It happens in rare cases that the site, during the first activation of the license, does not send the whole URL to our system, or with a slash at the end of the URL, or the URL with “www” or without the “www”.

As a result, at the time of the update, on the automatic verification side of the license, the activated sites and the sites requesting the update do not match exactly at the URL level and this results in a denial. Reactivating the license by the above procedure will match and the update is done.

Where to find my invoice and license key

First thing to do: log in to your account on Bazooka. To do so, you just have to click on :

My account -> Login

Once you have entered your username and password, click on :

My account -> purchase history

In this page, you will be able to retrieve your license keys as well as your various invoices.

You can also manage your sites from this section if needed.