Bazooka Shopping is a WordPress extension to generate affiliate links easily and effortlessly. Set up your merchant APIs and... that's it!



Bazooka Shopping uses the titles of your WordPress articles to insert commercial content before and/or after their content.


Install on WordPress

Download the WordPress extension and activate on your website.


Add your API keys

Amazon, Kelkoo, Awin, eBay, insert your partner API key and choose the appearance of your ads.



That's it, all your articles will feature themed ads from your partner!


Why a year-round award? In order to take advantage of the latest updates for the different merchant platforms (Amazon, Kelkoo, AWIN, etc.), we are continuously working on Bazooka in order to bring you again and again new features and ways to integrate your affiliations on your websites.



WordPress plugin
Multi-merchant product display
Ability to create your own products
obfuscated links
Adblock Friendly
mono-website licence


WordPress plugin
Multi-merchant product display
Ability to create your own products
obfuscated links
Adblock Friendly
limited to 3 websites


WordPress Plugin
Multi-merchant product display
Ability to create your own products
obfuscated links
Adblock Friendly
unlimited websites


Do you want to save time and money? It's a good thing...

Make your content cost-effective

Have you spent a lot of time writing articles? It's time for you to make the most of that time by inserting ads on all those articles!

Automate your revenues

Each time you publish content, you are sure to propose targeted ads related to the subject of your article.

Enhance your pages

Bazooka Shopping's ads enhance your Wordpress articles with SEO friendly content that is themed and varied.


Take control

Who has never dreamed of having a website that makes money? Bazooka Shopping brings you a turnkey solution to take control of your WordPress site's ads.


Don’t just take our word for it, take the word of web professionals who have a site that makes money!

I’ve been using Bazooka in “single merchant” mode (Amazon) for several months now and this extension has replaced AAWP on almost all my sites. What I liked the most, beyond the obfuscation of links, is the ease of implementation: the integration of products on a page is done in seconds with a shorcode and no need to test if the product is still in stock or not because the extension manages it autonomously.

Another advantage: the possibility to integrate products on all the pages of a site in a few clicks: I used this feature on periods such as Black Friday or Sales, to maximize conversion.


The Product Affiliation plugin is extremely easy to use and offers useful settings for all website publishers working in affiliation.
Install the plugin, fill in your identifiers and in 3 clicks your affiliation campaigns are online. Personally I recommend it without hesitation.

Laurent DOUIS

Bazooka is the most automated tool on the market and has allowed me to install hundreds of offers in three clicks. The big plus is that it’s not limited to Amazon, and that’s worth its weight in gold. Bazooka is essential if you want to evolve in the big league.


Bazooka simply allowed me to increase my conversion rate tenfold compared to the old plugins I was using. But above all with Bazooka I was able to easily extend the offer available on my sites with the simple integration of a new control panel in addition to the usual Amazon, a real monetization opportunity for a web editor.



Do you have questions about Bazooka Shopping? Here are the answers to most of the questions our customers have.

Is this extension compatible with my other WordPress extensions?

Absolutely. We test the majority of the most popular WordPress extensions and strive to make it compatible with the majority of free or paid extensions.

Are ads blocked by AdBlock or other ad blockers?

No. Ads generated by Bazooka Shopping cannot normally be blocked, as they are content generated by your site, not imported through your partner.

Can I customize my ads even if it is automatic?

Yes, you can, for each WordPress post, specify the keywords of the products you want to promote yourself. Example: the shortcode

  • Sibel Aspirateur Hair Vacuum Cleaner SIBEL
    Aspirateur de salon professionnel Sibel, facile à utiliser pour garder le sol propre à tout heure. Modèle amélioré du Eyevac : plus silencieux, design plus raffiné, contenance plus grande. Design chic et tendance. Écologique : ne nécessite pas de sac. Activation automatique : toujours actif et prêt à l'emploi. Activation manuelle possible, activation avec le pied. Les filtres sont disponibles séparément. Caractéristiques techniques : 1200 W Dimensions : 31 cm (w) x 53 cm (h) x 19 cm (d) Capacité de la poubelle : 7,1l Activation manuelle et automatique - avec capteurs infrarouges. Système de double filtration : pre-moteur et filtre de sortie. Voyant indiquant une poubelle pleine Contenance : 1 pièce.
  • Generic Central Vacuum Cleaner Sacs d'aspirateur Microfibres (1 sac)
    Sacs d'aspirateur Microfibres (1 sac) adapté à Generic Central Vacuum Cleaner. Sac de 45 litres, 38 x 65 cm, avec bande élastique. 12 mois Garantie. 30-jours garantie de remboursement!
  • XIAOMI Aspi Balai XIAOMI Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10
    Pensez au retrait magasin 1h : c'est simple, rapide et 100% gratuit !
will display ads for vacuum cleaners.

won’t it make too many links on my page?

Don’t worry! They are obfuscated links and not simple clickable links (HTML “a” tag). These links will not negatively impact your natural SEO.

Are the ads AMP compatible?

No. Currently, AMP versions of WordPress articles do not display Bazooka Shopping ads.